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Special visitors in the night!

Good Gym came to St Monica's on Tuesday night - they polished, waxed and painted and did a marvellous job!!!



As soon as the clock struck 6.30pm runners headed outside to warm up. Christmas huts now occupy our previously used warm up space so we have now relocated 20 metres along from where the Christmas huts end… as it is Christmas we’ll let it go ;) Ben got everyone jogging on the spot and began explaining about GoodGym and the 3 ways runners can get involved. This was also a great opportunity to say a resounding welcome to new runners Rachel and Elly – There were MASSIVE cheers all round... we love having new people join us! 


We then did our headcount in Welsh (yn Gymraeg) and then specific running drills to get the blood circulating in our legs. A good warm up is vital as it prepares the body for exercise and reduces the risk of injury. Acknowledging ourselves as a bilingual running club the Welsh language commissioners were keen to capture footage of us in action and so we had a camera team join us this week on the run! Diolch yn fawr for this recognition :)


Before setting off, a leader and backmarkers were appointed. Ben knew the route so he volunteered to lead and Emma volunteered to backmark – Fab job guys!


On the way there we stopped to squat by Cardiff castle, right in front of the Christmas tree! HOLD THE SQUAT GUYS! 5 more seconds... The countdown from 5 involved Sue counting down in Welsh and Adam making sure that the time from 5 to 1 was in seconds and not minutes. We then ran through an underground passage, passed the City Hall and down Museum Avenue where we stopped to do sprints.

Welcome to St Monica’s Primary School

The headmistress of the school, Mrs Beacon, was there to greet us at the task accompanied by Mr Wood, the school Caretaker. We lost the camera crew at this point... we were just too quick ;) They caught up with us though after about 10 minutes - Worry not!


Mrs Beacon afforded us with information about the school and the tasks the school need our help completing. Our tasks for the night included:

  • The doors need a good waxing
  • The door handles need a polish with brasso
  • The catering hatch needs painting.

Without further ado runners got straight to it. Maya began painting the wall by the catering hatch and the other runners focused on the doors between them. Gary supported runners completing the tasks too.


Here’s your riddle folks: What is the first number that contains the letter A starting from zero? Think you know? 

10 minutes remaining!

Ben gave a real-time countdown on the time runners had left to complete the tasks. Also to mention, Charlotte’s karate kid impression of Wax on, wax off, was completely spot on. Mr Miyagi better be careful... we have found the real Miss Miyagi!


TiME IS UP... We regrouped for a photo and in the process ?lost Mr Wood! He was in the maze of corridors locking up but we found him again and he was safe :) Mrs Beacon and Mr Wood both thanked us for our efforts and said they couldn't believe the difference we made in such a short amount of time!

Now I know how quickly you guys work I've got lots of ideas of tasks for you all in the future... Mrs Beacon said which was music to our ears!

On the way back Lucy and Ellen backmarked together... This helped make sure we were all safe and stayed together - Thanks guys!


Nearly at Yr Hen Llyfrgell we arrived at the usual point where we all dig out that final sprint finish, however the floor was quite wet and slippery so Ben advised against it... alas, the majority could not resist an attempt to get on the 'Strava Leaderboard Segment' for the GoodGym Cardiff sprint finish.


Rachel and Elly, it was awesome to have you running with us this evening and we hope you enjoyed the antics and you’ll come running with us again!


With another good deed in the bag and the school looking great ready for the children to arrive tomorrow we headed to the Glassworks for a well earned beverage. A for effort guys! ... No homework this week!

Who came up with the title of the run report?

Coming up with the title of this week's run report and this week's winner of the RunPunStiltSkin Award, well done to Darren! Awesome suggestion, in fact, we adoor it!


Report written by Benjamin Annear