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Longtown Day 1

It's day 1, already we have walked 3 1/2 miles, lots of it up hill and everyone was tired. We had our picnic in a barn and then played with the hay. We planted lots of seeds with Mrs Fletcher, then fed the sheep and cuddled 3 of the lambs.  Then we went to see Charles the 1 tonne bull, he was sooooooo big. We went to see the cows and then the calves, Bruno was only 4 days old. We went into the milking parlour, then to see how cheese is made.  The Longtown minibus came to pick us up. 

We have all had to make our own beds, we helped each other. For tea we ate sausage, beans and chips with rice pudding for dessert. Next we will be orienteering, looking for clues around Longtown.