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Financial Literacy Week

This week is financial literacy week where pupils will be given lessons on how to manage money. We will be aiming to teach pupils all about earning money, saving money and how to spend their money wisely!


Foundation Phase will be learning about how people earn money and what things we can do to raise extra money. We will also be thinking about what things are important to us and how important money is compared to other things that make us happy!


On Friday we will have a tabletop sale and will sell things the children have made and other things that have been donated. We will take pupils to the shops next week to buy the things we need and will discuss amounts, prices and value with them. We will be learning about different coins, what they are worth and how we can combine them to make different amounts. The older children in Foundation Phase will also look at notes and how to calculate change.


In Lower Key Stage 2 pupils are going to focus on Fairtrade products and how they make a difference to people living and working in other countries around the world.


They will be going to visit the local Cooperative shop to purchase Fairtrade ingredients to make cakes and smoothies. The pupils will then be selling these at their Fairtrade Café on Friday. You are all welcome to join them at the end of the day.


Upper Key Stage 2 pupils will learn how budgeting is important through a variety of activities that encourage them to calculate profit and loss when they are buying and selling. They will make comparisons between different prices and try to work out which items are the best value.


These activities will link to Eco-Schools and the geography and science curriculum and will focus on the motto “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” They will make a bag using recycled materials.  Please can children bring glass jars, plastic pots or scraps of material from home to help with this project.