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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!

School Governors have a key role to play in shaping the ethos of schools, raising standards and supporting teachers.

Governors are involved in appointing members of staff, deciding policies and looking after budgets and buildings. The governor's role is that of 'a critical friend', being supportive but not afraid to ask difficult questions.

As our school is Voluntary Aided, some of our governors are foundation governors, appointed by the Church to preserve and develop the religious character of schools and to secure compliance with the Trust Deed.  They represent the interests of the Church in Wales and are in a majority on the Governing Body.

The governors are the employers of the staff in the school and are also the admissions authority.

We are very fortunate in having a very strong and supportive governing body.  Our current governors are:

Mrs. Loretta van Rijn - Chair 

Mr. Mark Smethurst - Vice Chair 

Foundation Governors
Mrs. Angela Parr

Mr. Mark Smethurst

Mrs. Loretta van Rijn

Mr. Neil Lauwerys

Mr. Tanvier Ahmed

Mrs. Rachel White


LEA Representative Governor

Mr. Daniel Caunt


Parent Governor



Ex-officio Governor

Rev. Caroline Downes


Staff Governor

Mrs. Jozefina Fedorova


Teacher Governor


The Clerk to the Governing Body is Miss. Debra Williams.  She can be contacted via school.

Any letters you wish to be passed to the Chair of Governors can be addressed for her attention at the school or sent via Miss. Debra Williams.

The Diocesan Director of Education is Mr. Andrew Rickett.