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Hello, and a very warm welcome to Dosbarth Glas' web page!  Below you will find an overview of the many and varied things that we will be learning about in the coming weeks!


Our context this term is called 'Extreme Earth!'.  We will be researching and learning a great number of things within this context.  Lots of our learning is be pupil-led, where we decide our direction of learning together as a class.  This means that we can't always be certain what will be covered in advance!  However, it will include: an overview of geological history; the structure of the Earth; earthquakes and volcanoes; rocks, minerals and crystals; dinosaurs and other fossils; extreme habitats and animal adaptations to these places...  The list of learning goes on!  Pupils will be compiling their work into their own website using Google Sites.



Our value this term is Friendship.


English & Literacy

We are currently learning all about explanation texts.  We will identify all the major features of this writing genre.  Then we'll practise writing an explanation text as a whole-class, then in small groups or pairs, and finally create our own explanation text completely independently!



In Maths we are likely to focus on data handling, written methods of multiplication and division, perimeter and area, shapes, angles and coordinates  We are also regularly sharpening our mental arithmetic skills through plenty of mental maths and times tables practice! 




We will begin by reviewing 'the Scientific Method', focusing on all the different elements of how to conduct a fair text enquiry.  We will then put this knowledge to the test through conducting different fair test enquiries!  At least one of these will be conducted using a TASC-Wheel approach.  We will be learning a great deal of science through our Extreme Earth context (see above!). 




Our topic is 'Gwyliau' (Holidays).  We will also have plenty of Helpwr Heddiw session to practise our conversational Welsh patterns!



Our JDO partners this year are pupils from St Joseph's School in El Paso, Texas, USA.  We are planning to have more 'hang outs' with our  partner teacher and pupils, and then share and collaborate on our many diffferent areas of learning!  We will use different approaches, including Google Docs, Slides, Classroom; as well as creating things using ipads and sharing and responding to videos via Flipgrid.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

As always, Digital Citizenship (safe and responsible use of technology) remains at the very heart of everything we do using technology, and plenty of opportunities are always built in to promote this.  In addition, we are currently revising data and data handling using different application and programs.  This will come in very handy as we collect and present data from our various scientific investigations! 


Dwi'n Dwli a'r Darllen! ('DDD Time')

We LOVE reading in Glas, and we cherish all the opportunities we have to sit down with a great book!  In Glas we will be dedicating time for children simply to read for pleasure.  We are very lucky to have packs of brand new books, so children can sit with others who have chosen the same book and chat about them if they would like to.  We will continue to have daily Guided Group Reading ('GGR') sessions too...  Any reading at home is also strongly encouraged!



Spelling and Handwriting Practice

We have a school-wide focus on spelling,  presentation and handwriting.  Being the oldest in the school, it is up to us in Dosbarth Glas to lead the way and practise to improve our spelling and written presentation skills!  We regularly combine practising spelling patterns and handwriting during independent activities within our daily Guided group Reading ('GGR') sessions.



We will have P.E on Monday afternoons.  We are currently doing judo - which is extremely popular!  When the judo lessons come to an end, we will then start going to Maindy again, either to use the track outdoors or the Dance Studio inside.  Please can all children have their PE kit every Monday.  They can either bring the kit in each week, or leave their kit in school if it clean enough to use again.  Please can they also bring coats every day.


Home Learning

We will regularly set homework.  The work will vary.  Sometimes it will be comprehension practice, maths that supports the learning in class or times tables practice.  We will be creating a home Learning grid that includes activities that we decide upon, which fit the 4 Core Purposes that run through the Curriculum in Wales.  These core purposes are:

Ambitious and Capable Learners

Enterprising, Creative Contributors

Healthy, Confident Individuals

Ethical, Informed Citizens



I'm sure that there will be far more that we will enjoy learning about!


Diolch yn fawr.


Mr Thomas ('Mr T')

International Work with JDO