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Who's Who

The Office

Mrs Beacon, the Head Teacher, is often in the school office, but she likes spending time with the children best!  In the school office you will find Miss Williams, our Office Manager and Mrs Fedorova our admin assistant.  They are always busy but never too busy to help people!  Mrs Draris works with lots of our newer pupils and their families, helping them to settle into St Monica's.


              Mrs Beacon                                Miss Williams                              Mrs Fedorova

Mrs Beacon      



           Mrs Draris                                         



Dosbarth Coch

The teachers in Dosbarth Coch (Reception and Year 1) are Mrs O'Gorman and Mrs Pain. 

Mrs Smethurst is the Teaching Assistant in Dosbarth Coch.


          Mrs O'Gorman                                 Mrs Pain                                   Mrs Smethurst         



Dosbarth Oren

Mrs Dacey and Mrs Meakins teach in Dosbarth Oren (Year 2)

Miss Driscoll and Miss Watts are the Teaching Assistants who work mainly in this class.


                 Mrs Dacey                                  Mrs Meakins                                 

Mrs Dacey  Mrs Meakins 


                  Miss Driscoll                             Miss Watts

Miss Driscoll  


Dosbarth Melyn

Mr Wycherley teaches in Dosbarth Melyn (Year 3 and 4).


         Mr Wycherley





Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Mr Thomas (Deputy Head) and Mrs Chandler both teach Dosbarth Gwyrdd (Year 4 and 5).

Miss Brooks is a Teaching Assistant who works in this class.


   Mr Thomas (Deputy Head)                     Mrs Chandler

   Mrs Chandler 


Dosbarth Glas

Miss Briggs teaches Dosbarth Glas  (Year 5 and 6).


              Miss Briggs                              



Other Support Staff

Miss Philips is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant who covers classes from time to time and also teaches PE during PPA time.  Mrs Roberts is a Teaching Assistant who works closely with children to help them improve their literacy and numeracy skills.


            Miss Phillips                                      Mrs Roberts

Miss Phillips  


Lunchtime and Breakfast Club

At lunchtime, children can choose to have a school dinner or to bring their own packed lunch from home.  If they choose a school dinner, this is prepared by Mrs Harris-Edwards.  The children are looked after at lunchtime by Mrs Caesar, Ms Brown. Miss Domeova and our lovely Teaching Assistants. Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Smthehurst, and Mrs Caesar, Mrs Brown and Ms Brown all help make sure everyone has a healthy start to their day.


           Mrs Edwards                                      Mrs Caesar                                   Mrs Brown

Mrs Harris-Edwards  Mrs Ceasar 


Other staff

Mr Wood is our caretaker and helps to keep our school looking lovely.


             Mr Wood

Mr Wood


We are lucky to be supported by some other staff during the school week. 

We have 2 peripatetic music teachers from the Friary Centre who teach piano, flute and clarinet. 


We are also very lucky to have lots of volunteers who hear children read and help in classrooms!

St. Monica HD

Saint Monica, also known as Monica of Hippo, is St. Augustine of Hippo's mother. She was born in 331 A.D. in Tagaste, which is present-day Algeria. When she was very young, she was married off to the Roman pagan Patricius, who shared his mother's violent temper.