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For specific information about what and how children are learning at the moment, including information about home learning projects and PE days, please click on the link for your child's Step.

Step 1 = Reception and Year 1             Step 2 = Years 2 and 3               Step 3 = Years 4, 5 and 6

The school curriculum is explained in full on this link: Curriculum Website.  If you have any concerns about your child's learning and think they may have additional learning needs, there are some helpful resources here: ALN - information for parents.  Your first 'port of call' should be your child's class teacher.  Keeping your child safe is our key priority - this link takes you to a poster which explains what we do if we have concerns about a child's safety.  It also explains what you can do if you have concerns about a child or member of staff's conduct.

The school is very well-supported by parents and the local community.  There is an active Helping Hands group, who work very well together to organise fun, fundraising events and support learning in school.  They have their own website where all dates for meetings and minutes are shared. Helping Hands Web Page 

There are also WhatsApp groups for parents and carers for each Progression Step.  THANK YOU to the parents who have agreed to be group admins for these groups. It is helpful for parents to join the relevant group/s to be able to keep informed and help answer any questions – there is no such thing as a daft question – we’ve all been there with last minute queries that need an urgent answer!  The school office will pass on your details should you wish to join a group.  

Supporting your child's emotional health and wellbeing is important to us - as is supporting parents.  We hold regular workshops for parents about a range of important topics, including how we teach various curricular subjects, safer use of the internet and emotional wellbeingThis link will take you to some of our favourite audiobooks and podcasts for parents, recommended by staff and  other parents. T

All payments to school are made via Parent Pay.  We ask all parents who wish their child to have a school meal to book it the day before they need it – it takes up a huge amount of time each day for teachers to ask each child what they would like, and we need to ensure we have ordered enough fresh ingredients for each day.  Parents are able to book lunches and make menu choices up to 3 weeks in advance.  We ask parents to do this using Parent Pay too. It's on the same link. 

The Head Teacher is not able to authorise any absence for term-time holiday or any extended time away from school.  Please do not be tempted to take your child out of school during term time. 

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